Otras donaciones

En 2010, i4c ha realizado distintas donaciones a Astrid 21 de Girona, Down Tarragona, Down Lleida, Andi Sabadell, Barcelona Down, Down Catalunya, Centro Aiuti per l’Etiopia, Seed, Flying Scholarships for the Disabled, Foundation Kriibskrank, Robin Hood y Fundació Privada Jubert Figueras.

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Shanghai Special Olympics

 i4c believes that integration should be a fundamental part of our society.Special Olympics, which offers sporting opportunities to those people with a degree of intellectual disability, has showed us that…
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Work Placement Inclusion

Our main objective is work placement inclusion of less abled people. So, we have a close relationship with Aura Fundació and their growth plan. They closed 2015 with 191 people…
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