Aura celebrates the Summer Event 2023

Aura Foundation highlights Barcelona’s social and business commitment to intellectual disability at its summer gala.
With the slogan “Imagine,” Aura gives recognition to all the people who have made possible the social and professional inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in 2023.

The event was attended by nearly 1,000 people, including participants in Aura’s programmes and their families, as well as companies and institutions that have contributed throughout this year to the mission of the organisation.
The event was inaugurated by Gloria Canals, founder and president of Aura Foundation, who 34 years ago decided to create a project that would facilitate the social and professional inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in their adult stage.
Under the slogan “Imagine”, the gala paid tribute to all those people who practice inclusion every day. The main theme was the imagination, the wishes fulfilled and what remains to be imagined in order to achieve a world of full inclusion.
It highlighted the commitment of the companies that have hired people participating in the foundation this year, of the partners and trustees who provide the necessary resources to carry out the mission of the organisation, as well as the people who individually collaborate with Aura in a selfless way.
Companies that have employed participants in 2023:
Empresas que han contratado en 2023 a personas participantes: 365 Obrador, Acta Hotels, Amat Inmobiliaries, Aproperties, Aramark, Ausolan, Barça Licensing and Merchandising, Bel Cosmetic, Buenas Migas Focacceria, CE Laietà, CEAC, Clikalia, Consum, Col.legi Oficial de Veterinaris de Barcelona, DABA Nespresso, Dia, Ecoveritas, Foment del Treball, fundació Damm, Fundació Privada Eina, Geox, Grimaldi Lines, Grupo Julià, Grupo Saona, Grupo Tragaluz, H10 Hotels, Hotel Catalonia Barcelona 505, Hotel Petit Palace Museum, Itsa Hotel Calipolis, La Casa de Carlota, Zander Foods, Marta’s Lemon Pie, Masia Can Ametller, Nacar Design, Natura, Primark, Proclinic Group, Rango 10, Rebold del grupo ISPD, Sequra, She Bistro, Simorra, Starbucks, The Hoxton Hotel, T-Systems, Udon, Vetpartners, Wallbox and Winche Redes Comerciales.

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