Down TV

Down TV is an interactive video sharing website that intends to cover a wide selection of topics all related to Trisomy 21 or Down’s syndrome. The result is a wide range of videos that try to answer most of the questions we have on Down’s Syndrome.

What is Down TV?

Down TV has more than 3,000 videos where people with Down syndrome are the protagonists. At Down TV, we want to debunk myths and show the reality of living with Down syndrome. You can also find documentaries and interviews with experts on different topics ranging from the moment of conception to crucial issues such as education and workplace inclusion. Down TV has accumulated more than 3 million views since its inception.

Interactive portal dedicated exclusively to videos related to Down syndrome, share your videos on Down TV.

How do we do it?

Down TV share the videos found in social media with the intention to show the world the experience of living with Down’s Syndrome.

DOWN TV is a video sharing website where all users can share videos published on other platforms. All the videos must promote the abilities and rights of people with Down’s syndrome and support social and workplace integration. For this reason, all videos are individually reviewed and classified before being published.