Collaboration with BMVSS Jaipur Foot 2024

Invest for children has startec a new collaboration with BMVSS Jaipur Foot, a non-profit organization based in Jaipur, India. Founded in 1975 by D.R. Mehta, the foundation is dedicated to providing prosthetics,…
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Colalboration with Jatakendeya 2024

Aware of the social discrimination and stigma towards people with disabilities and mental illness in Togo, the associations Jatakendeya and Miséricorde sans Frontière decided to create, in the year 2014,…
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SJD Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona 2024

Invest for children is one of the founding donors of the creation of the SJD Pediatric Cancer Center The hospitalization area of the center, which consolidates all the activities…
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