Collaboration with Institut Guttmann 2024

In 2024 Invest for children has started a new collaboration with the Guttmann Institute to take a step forward in improving communication between their patients and their hospitals by modernizing a mobile application designed specifically for them. The goal is to allow patients to access their clinical information in a transparent and simple manner, just as they do with other mobile applications in their daily lives. This initiative not only aims to facilitate access to medical data but also to strengthen the relationship between the patient and the healthcare team.

In the initial phase of the project, the connection between the medical history application and the patient registry has been implemented. This means that users can now incorporate their personal data through the mobile application without the need to physically go to the hospital.

The next step is to integrate the application with the hospital information system. This involves establishing a smooth connection between the mobile application, the “patient folder” system, and the Institut Guttmann’s scheduling system. The “patient folder” contains all relevant clinical information, from reports to diagnostic tests, while the scheduling system manages appointments and treatments. This integration will allow for more efficient bidirectional communication between the hospital and patients, thus improving the quality of care.

This collaboration, which will extend for two years, will benefit the more than 30,000 patients registered in thier hospitals, both in Badalona and at the Barcelona Clinic. Insitut Guttmann are committed to continuing to innovate and improve the experience of our patients, and this initiative is just the beginning of a journey towards patient-centered and technologically advanced healthcare.

The Guttmann Institute Foundation carries out its care, scientific, and social activities in two centers located in Badalona and downtown Barcelona, ​​where it carries out activities dedicated to the treatment of people with neurological disabilities and to the care, maintenance, and prevention of health and quality of life. Its goal is to be a reference care institution in Neurorehabilitation and Brain Health, generating knowledge and innovation in techniques and technologies specific to its scientific field in order to improve prevention and outcomes in the treatment of pathologies affecting the nervous system.

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