Collaboration with the Elena Barraquer Foundation 2023

The Elena Barraquer Foundation is a nonprofit organization which fights avaoidabl blindness due to cataract in developing countries.

Dr. Elena Barraquer, a world reference in her field, leads a team of over 120 specialists, surgeons, ophthalmologists, anaestherists and nurses.

The Elena Barraquer Foundation leads short term surgical missions anywhere in the world to perform sight-restoring cataract surgery. The medical teams take all the surgical equipment and supplies, needed to perform phacoemulsiphication in areas were such a surgery  is not otherwise available or not affordable for everyone.

Invest for children made a contribution entirely to finance the medical equipment needed to carry out the surgeries. In 2023 they expect to operate more than 6,000 people and a total of 18 medical expeditions.

After cataract surgery, patients regain their ability to work and were able to contribute to the family economy. Thos ewho did unpaid work at home were able to perform essential tasks for daily living, freeing up their caregivers -often children- who could return to school.

But the really important results include longer, happier, independent and healthier lives. Not to mention reducing extreme poverty, increasing school enrolment, improving gender equality, independence and self-esteem.

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