Fent Amics 2023

On Saturday, October 7th, AURA and Down Catalunya invite you to enjoy an inclusively monstrously fun day at PortAventura Park.

“Pumpkins, skeletons, zombies, the Exorcist girl, vampires… made Fent Amics turn into a great day!”

Two shows were held within the 14th Charity Gala ‘Fent Amics,’ presented by Asha Miró, Pep Planas, Edurne Palma, and Miguel A. Abril (two children, aged 12 and 10, with Down syndrome). Once again, the gala featured the Tarragona-based group ‘Down Revolution’ and their dance performance ‘New Rock,’ featuring songs from Guns’N Roses, Queen, and AC/DC, where they showcased their talents on stage. In addition, the PortAventura Foundation delighted us with a show (Halloween23) in which both dancers and acrobats displayed their incredible talent to the nearly 1,000 spectators who filled the Grand Imperial Theater of China.”

The 10 entities that make up Down Catalonia sold 4,353 tickets.

Photos by Nadhia Nizarala @nadianizarala

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